HERE Tracking

A fast, flexible IoT location service that makes it quick and easy to add location awareness to your products. Improve visibility, maximize battery life, and lower costs with straightforward, cross-platform tracking.

Power-efficient tracking. Anywhere.

By combining satellite, network, and beacon-based positioning HERE gives you reliable, real-time location with unparalleled battery life.

Get to market faster.

HERE Tracking is a cross-platform solution, with existing libraries for popular IoT chipsets to enable turnkey deployment, and pre-testing to improve reliability and battery life.

Take control of your supply logic.

HERE Tracking increases visibility into your supply chain, enhancing your existing business processes with accurate location data that stays under your control.

Developer Resources

HERE Tracking exposes REST APIs and client libraries that make geofencing and location tracking possible for many types of devices, with a focus on power optimization.

Tracking documentation

API reference, developer and quickstart guides to help you build your IoT product.


Tracking Libraries

An easy way to connect your embedded devices and start using HERE Tracking.



Locate and monitor your assets, customize and configure their information, and manage devices and users. Find out more about how to use the features that come with HERE Tracking.

HERE Positioning

High-accuracy indoor and outdoor location designed for power-efficient IoT scenarios.

Device Management

Add your devices to the cloud, customize their information, and configure reporting intervals based on time, distance, or geofenced areas based on your business needs.

HERE Location Services

Directions to devices or geofences, live traffic on scheduled routes, and ETA notifications when devices are close.

User Management

Define roles for users or groups and manage access rights.

Geofences and Notifications

Create geofenced areas for significant places and define alerts to be delivered when devices cross their boundaries.

Hardware partner

Concox is a provider of IoT trackers for automotive, industrial, and other use-cases. Concox hardware can be preconfigured with HERE Tracking firmware, allowing customers to easily add new devices to their tracking solution. Choose between two models: HERE-powered AT2 - small and lightweight HERE-powered AT4 - extended battery life

Test our reference apps

Try out HERE Tracking and explore features and functionality with our reference apps for web and Android. There are two Android apps: HERE Locate lets you keep an eye on your tracked items, and HERE Tracker turns your phone into an IoT device that's compatible with HERE Tracking, both now available on Google Play.

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